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Machinery Industrial Metallurgical Korpleg S.L.

It is a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of folding machines, shears, universal shears, punching machines, (special machines); located in Llica de Vall (Barcelona).

In Korpleg there is a team of technicians in each department of work, administration, design (R&D), manufacturing, technical assistance, electricity, electronics and commercial, all of them properly trained, qualified and prepared to give you the best service in as little time as possible.

Our shears and folding machines are manufactured with the standard characteristics according to our catalogs, but we can also make as many special modifications as our customers need, taking responsibility and giving guarantee to all changes and / or modifications made by our technicians. This is possible, by the means at our disposal and our capacity for innovation and design.

Among the production machines that we have in our workshop of Lliça de Vall (Barcelona) stand out the following: Mandrinadora of 7 meters C.N.C, lathe Gemini of 6 meters, milling machine of 2 meters, welding, shear, folding, paint booth, among others Machines.

Of the more than 1,800 machines we have manufactured, in our 17 years as a Manufacturer we can highlight:
Synchro-electronic shears and folding machines up to 7 meters long and up to 8 axes
Press Brakes machines up to 500 mm of cylinder stroke
Cutting capacity shears up to 40 mm
Shears with Feeder to C.N. front
We have very outstanding customers all over the world

Korpleg S.L. Street, Bagés, 12,

08185 Lliça de Vall, Barcelona

+34 93 843 74 18


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