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Our Shear Range is one of the most complete in the International Market. With Pendular, Vertical cutting models and also mechanic machines


Pendulum shear model CPN

Hydraulic shears, Korpleg model CPN; They are manufactured in Spain in the factory located in Lliça de Vall (Barcelona) With the best components of the national and international market, with its own design, robust, modern, and a studied manufacturing plan to meet our quality requirements.

All our machines are tested at the factory through an exhaustive quality control and automatic operation of at least 48 hours, followed This ensures a perfect operation of the machine from day one in its facilities

Details to highlight of the Mdlo. CPN:

Equipped with a C.N. It controls the X-axis, Material Library, cutting number and cutting length, indicating the position of the blade separation. (Optionally you can control and motorize the separation of blades) and with the ability to save as many programs as you need, since you can communicate with the PC of your technical office through the RS232, USB or Ethernet line. And also the possibility to work in automatic or manual

Standard composition of CPN shears:

* Front control panel, includes CNC ESA-625,

*CNC ESA-625 controls: the rear stop, thickness to be cut, cut length selector, number of cuts, indication of the separation of blades to be manually positioned by the operator, Material library, countless programs, Technical Assistance via Ethernet, etc. USB input and output

* Rear stop travel 800 to 1000 mm. (Depending on model)

* Table with embedded steel balls for the best sliding of the plates

* Separation of blades, at one end of the machine. (Optionally from CNC)

* Lighting cutting area.

* Shock count and programming (Automatically from CNC)

*1 Millimetrated squad arm with regatta and squat stop.

* Desktop arms (quantity by model)

* Four-edged and two-top lower blades.

* Independent hydraulic treads

* Rear drop ramp.

* Folding front protection with safety microphones.

* Rear security protection.

* Machine drive pedal with double safety.

* All security stops are connected to a safety module and manual reset

* C.E. Regulations.

Hydraulic shears KORPLEG vertical cut model. GHC vertical cut and variable angle with C.N.C ESA-625

The vertical shear most loved by good professionals, for its quality and precision in cutting

Our vertical cutting shears and variable angle, equipped as standard with CN. To facilitate its handling, give better performance, durability and cutting quality.

Vertical cutting has some advantages over the pendular system that is worth valuing when requiring good quality. IS IT WORTH PAYING MORE FOR?

A cleaner, straighter, more uniform cut with less reversal.

And with the following features:

VARIABLE ANGLE, the ability to vary the cutting angle of the blades, means that it is a machine with the correct angle to cut any thickness within the range of the machine. For this reason the cut is more straight less swelled and more precise.

This system allows us to put completely rectangular blades with 4 edges both the top and the bottom

The Standard control controls: the rear stop, the separation of blades, the cutting angle, the cutting width, the number of cuts, in addition to having a library of materials, an infinite capacity of complete programs.

Among other accessories with which we can equip it are; Front arms of different lengths, Feeder with CNC controlled moving arms. Drop ramps, remnant conveyor belt, evacuator, thin layer support, large library of materials, infinite capacity of complete programs consult us if you need any other accessories.

Capacities from 2050 to 7,100 mm cutting length and from 4 to 40 mm cutting thickness


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