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Our cutting tables are noted for their robust structure and the perfect timing software to control, with servo-art transmission system and guided specially designed to achieve maximum benefits.
The generator and numerical control simply is fully synchronized in harmony with their different characteristics.
The generator can work with several manufacturers, but we always advise Hypertherm for their great technology and development of the generators as well as for its quality and response to potential failures. We have opted for Hypertherm and so we advise our clients. Not discouraged other manufacturers are also very good quality.

The composition of the table can be measured from its just a simple hasta 50.000 3000 x 1500 x 4,000 mm. Also can be equipped according to your needs with height control for or torches as they can be equipped with more than one for different types of work such as cutting or plasma cutting flame cutting.

The thickness of the material to be cut also has a lot to do with the composition of the board and vent system, therefore we advise you to consult the table in order to offer you need.

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