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Our models of KORPLEG hydraulic press brakes.

It is completed with all types of Presses, for sheet metal work.from those of: Torsion bar Even the most sophisticated SINCRO press brake lSyncro-Electronic from 4 to 12 axis

In a very advanced study, the new technology of fully ELECTRONIC models, machines that run without oil, get less pollution and less electricity consumption.la nueva tecnología de modelos totalmente ELECTRONICOS, maquinas que funcionan sin aceite, consiguiendo menor contaminación y menor consumo eléctrico.

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Equipped as standard with C.N. ESA S.625

Korpleg Mdlo PCN hydraulic Press Brake; They are manufactured in Spain at the Factory located in Barcelona. Korpleg hydraulic Press Brakes are manufactured with the best components of the national and international market, with a modern and robust design, with the experience that gives us more than 30 years in the sector the permanent contact with our customers giving solution to the new needs. that pose us and a perfect verification system of each machine in each of its manufacturing processes, make our machines one of the best in the market

. All our machines are factory tested before delivery, for quality control and a minimum of 48 hours of shooting. This guarantees a perfect operation of the machine from the first day in the client’s house

Korpleg Press brake Mdlo PCN:After many years of experience and R&D studies; We can offer you a hydraulic press brake

Folding software for technical office in 2D with: Introduction to grades, extensive library of tools and materials, search for the development of the material to be cut, search for the order of folding. Import, export programs between PC and CN through the RS 232 line, Ethernet and, optionally, by Wifi, technical assistance, parts preparation and graphic folding simulation, see if there are collisions or if the program, if it is badly done, once corrected it can be sent to the CN

The C.N can optionally also control the R-axis, the bending compensation table and the folding power.

As standard, it is equipped with a 135 mm high punch, multiple die with a “V” of 30º,

Rear stop, with height-adjustable carriage, folding and micrometric fingers,

Block and Hydraulic System withy: Normative CE, operating redundancy valves of exclusive Korpleg design, which provides the machine with maximum reliability, safety and simplicity in handling .

Great, gooseneck, removable table and screwed to the bottom plate.

Optionally, manual or CNC flexion compensation table, motorized or hydraulic. Front and rear protections by level 4 safety barriers.

Front arms of sheet support.

Machine capacities:

From 1100 to 7100 of bending length And from 30 to 1,000 tons. Bending power

Optional:C.N. 2-axis ESA 630 with graphic video, and the same features as the Office Software, Matrices, punches, special measures we adapt the machine to your needs

Electric material:

Electrical and electronic components only of the main international brands, with the sole purpose that, in the absence of any element, it can be found anywhere in the world and be compatible with another brand.

All emergency stops and safety barriers are connected to a safety module that controls them and are connected to a Reset button located on the control box.

With the best possible technological advances at a Priceand unbeatable quality.





Korpleg synchronized hydraulic press brakes with the most modern and up-to-date technology puts at your fingertips quality service precision with a moderate price.

The PS is equipped as standard with: bending compensation table integrated in the structure of the lower board with a system of 3 boards and hydraulic cylinders perfectly controlled by the C.N.C.

The basic configuration consists of C.N.C. ESA 630 with touch screen and 2D graphic control at 4 axes., Optionally they can be equipped with other C.N.N of more axes the machine is open to put as many axes as the customer needs.

The standard configuration is for 4 axes Y1, Y2, X and R plus pressure, bending compensation, the false swan neck that corrects the position of the punch according to the flexion of the structure. It has an extensive library of punches, dies and materials to control the quality of work materials, hardness, resistance. The machine is equipped with an intelligent system of perfect hydraulics, in harmony with the CNC which instructs the solenoid valves for a perfect control of the parallelism in the lowering of the board, while controlling the necessary pressure and pumping of the table .

Capabilities in which we manufacture this model of Mdlo.PS folder:

From 1,100 to 7,100 folding length and from 30 to 1,000 tons of power. of power
Optional accessories, the machine can be equipped with as many accessories as needed until the machine is converted into an automated work center. Ask us for information, you will be informed of the most appropriate for you.


The PS model is the result of research, of the KORPLEG press, an economical machine but with a quality at the level of the best international press in its category. The Base Composition is C.N.C. Cybelec DNC 60 with 3-axis Y1 Y2 control and X 3 D drawing software With Direct Communication to the C.N. Draw the Part you want to fold and check before sending it to the machine, that all data and folds are correct. Matrix with 4 UVES centered of 60-60,90-90, 130-130,150-150 and 200-200 depending on the capacity of the Machine. 150 mm and 86o punch, Table for THE AUTOCENTRAGE of matriz Optional: Manual or C.N.C. Axles R1 and or R2, X2 axles, Z, Z1 and o Z2 Front arms supports sheet metal with manual sliding.



Other Accessories


Conventional PH Series with Flexion Compensation

The Electronics series SE machines with extraordinary quality according to the feedback of our customers


The conventional PH series folding machines stood out for their very particular design and manufacture of KORPLEG for the push-up compensation achieved through the position of the cylinders and penetration stop, with this it was achieved that the operator controlling the pressure that the bending was positive or negative, you could only achieve this system with our Korpleg PH and PHE machines. equipped with the rear stop the wrists with height-adjustable and folding fingers. Hydraulic Block of Regulations Cs with operating redundancy valves Wide Swan Neck, Detachable Table and screwed to the lower board. Front and rear protections for level 4 safety barriers. Sheet metal support front armsMachine skills: From 1100 to 7100 y-fold length from 30 to 1,000 Tn. folding power Optional 3-axis numerical control

These machines are stopped from Manufacturing for the cost much higher than the current models.

but if someone is interested in a quality machine like these, you can pass it offer and we can manufacture them

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